Ben Wakely

A Dad that’s good at social media, that’s the other side of

Ben Wakely Director

Ben Wakely was originally a Red.
So, on your side is someone who’s used to competition.

Determined to be defined by the experience, fulfilled by achieving your success. Ben’s advice is 20 years and more than 800 successful sales in the making — including a number of suburb records. It’s an achievement made possible by someone who understands that properties must be conditioned with not just the audience in mind, but the algorithm too.

A proud leader. An even prouder father. And honoured to be representing the streets which he calls home. You’ll come for the extensive network — one that’s been created from more than $800 million in transactions. And stay for the experience of being on the same team — regardless of which side of the river you come from.

0405 000 219

Stephen Matthews

Once an engineer for electricity, now for sales, that’s the other side of

Stephen Matthews Sales Agent

Stephen Matthews doesn’t usually like to take sides.
Except for when it comes to The Ashes.

Dedicated to the sale, driven by your experience. For more than two decades, Stephen oversaw one of the leading real estate agencies in North West London. Now, on the other side of the globe, it’s Stephen’s tenacious drive born from launching properties in both good and challenging markets that he applies to your property.

Good intentions. Good company. Good for celebrating the end of another week at The Unforgiven. You’ll come for the extensive industry know-how and stay for the experience of having someone by your side, at every stage in your property journey.

0436 111 000

Nick Mann

Goes the extra mile — both on and off the track. That’s the other side of

Nick Mann Sales Agent

Nick Mann looks on the bright side of life.
Regardless of the weather report.

Motivated to redefine real estate, passionate about surpassing your expectation. It’s in Nick’s nature to sidestep small talk for straight talk — a by-product of someone who has been successfully fostering connections since the days of lunchboxes and monkey bars. This knowledge is the difference between celebrating with a trip to the coast or Capri.

Holding court. Holding your hand. And even holding prospective buyers’ dogs whilst they inspect your property. You’ll come for the capability of someone who knows this area as home and stay for the experience of being in good company — long after the champagne has been popped.

0439 740 004

Thomas Coussens

A qualified chef who plays ice hockey, that’s the other side of

Thomas Coussens Sales Agent

Practised across every facet of real estate,
Thomas Coussens understands all sides of the transaction.

All-inclusive in his knowledge, all-embracing in the nuances of your property. In just over 10 years, Thomas has experienced life as a real estate agent, business developer, sales manager, business owner, selling principal and property manager. But it’s his confident, calm and distinctly amusing demeanor which will redefine your experience.

Proud of once being the youngest sous chef at a Melbourne’s five-star hotel, and even prouder of his children. You’ll come for the experience of someone who has operated across all sides of real estate. And stay for the professional recommendation of where to celebrate once for sale becomes sold.

0426 455 435

Mandy Finlay

Always striving for a personal best – on and off the Bridge, that’s the other side of

Mandy Finlay Executive Assistant / Office Manager

Mandy Finlay is a people person.
And that’s not just a line to get you on side.

Clear in her vision for your transaction, known for her ability to get along with anyone. With more than 20 years of prioritising others, Mandy understands that at the root of her professional success is your satisfaction. And it’s this willingness to place your needs first which will define your real estate experience.

Whilst the Emerald Isle will always be home, the streets of Brisbane’s inner west are where Mandy feels most herself. You’ll come for her confidence, but you’ll stay for her determination to go one better — on the Bridge to Brisbane, and beyond.

0435 801 621